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Pirate Birthday Cake

“Thank you for the marvelous birthday cake and cupcakes! The look on my daughter’s face said it all as she was pleasantly surprised and tickled pink. And boy was the cake delicious too. One of the best I’ve had!  I will NEVER forget my daughter’s reaction since it was truly priceless. As dad was bringing down the cake she covered her mouth at one point so I know she was so happy – we can’t thank you enough. ”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for the beautiful cake for Mazin’s birthday!  Everyone absolutely LOVED it and I gave away a bunch of your cards as well.  The cake was delicious and everyone loved the design.  Thanks again for putting it together, you are really talented!  One of my friends was saying you should go on one of those Food Network Challenges!  I’m sure you would win! ”

“The cake was FABULOUS!  It looked just the way I wanted it to look and it was delicious!  Everyone really enjoyed it. See you next year!”

“The cakes were such hits!  The setup staff couldn’t get over how beautiful the cakes were and the class/teachers got a chance to see them in their entirety before they were sliced for serving.  I have to admit I am glad I went the extra mile as the other cakes were Costco cakes and it just seemed so much more special to have your cakes on this occasion.”

“Just a follow up note – both cakes were a huge hit!  The kids all wanted a part of the light saber and I was basically attacked by them when cutting the cake.   Kaitlyn LOVED her first cupcake!  I have a video I have to send you showing her eating it.  It could be a selling point for you! Thank you again! ”

“The cake was delicious!!!! Actually it is still delicious because we still have a small piece of it.  I overestimated the appetites of the guests so we half of the cake was left, which was great for us because I we could enjoy it for two more days! My daughter LOVED the doll’s dress!”

“I wanted to let you know that the cake was a success! Great job, everyone enjoyed it and the day was perfect. Thanks again for helping to make our day so special.”

“Monique, the cake was a hit and delicious. Cutting into a cake that not only looks good but is super yummy.  That was the best part.  We had people scraping the cake board. I didn’t have one piece left.”

“I’m so glad I found you on Washington Family Magazine!  I enjoyed working with you from our initial conversation until you walked in the door with the cake!  A++++ service!”

“The cake was delicious and some of the guests said that it was the best cake they’d ever had.  Thank you for a great experience start to finish!”

“I cannot begin to tell you how much we all enjoyed the cake.  I ate several pieces myself!  Your customer service is out of this world! Thank you again!”

“The cake was the booooomb!!!!  Everyone loved it!  So much they were going back for thirds!!  See you next office party!”

“I don’t know WHAT you are putting in your cakes but they are so moist and flavorful — you truly are a gifted baker!!”

“Monique, everyone was commented on how truly yummy your cake was and  I will never buy a grocery birthday cakes again!”

“The cake was wonderful!  I didn’t get to taste it (I can’t eat flour), but that frosting was to die for!  I must have scraped it off of at least 3 pieces of cake!”

“Our wedding cake was a huge hit and my guest all said it was some of the best cake they had in years!  Thank you for being a part of our special day!”

“Monique, you were a life saver today!  I so appreciate you staying to help me decorate the room for my daughter’s party!  Your flair and expertise was AWESOME and I couldn’t have done it without you!  The cake was a hit and my daughter’s expression was priceless when she saw her Princess cake!  Thank you again!

“The cake was great!! I am so glad I got the bigger size. One of our friends that we have known for 20 years doesn’t eat sweets. He ate your cake because he said it smelled so good. He ate the whole piece. I will definitely be getting my future cakes from you.”

“THE CAKE WAS PERFECT!! Thank you so, so much – you couldn’t have done better if you’d put a photo on top of the cake.  It’s wonderful and you’ll get a high recommendation on the DC Urban Mom’s list, as well!”

“Monique – you did a fantastic job on my daughter’s baptism this weekend. The flavors were delicious; the decorations were so precious and detailed; and your prices are reasonable and much better than some of the bakeries near me. I’m a customer for life!!”

“Not only was my cake satisfactory—it was perfect!! Honestly, three of the 10 guests said it was the best cake they had EVER had. The restaurant even mentioned to me that the staff was admiring my birthday cake while it was in their fridge. Thanks so much for making such a gorgeous cake!!”

“Thank you for making such a wonderful cake for my son’s birthday. Everyone at the party loved it! I especially enjoyed the layered complexity of the various flavors, how the intensity of the orange is followed by the creamy smoothness of the mocha/espresso. It seems that the flavors deepens as the days passed.”

“The cake was (and still is…we are at the last corner) DELICIOUS! Thank you so much and you can be sure that I will call you the same time next year!”

“Thank you so much for the beautiful cupcakes and the lovely presentation. Everyone thought it was so nice and LOVED your work and everything was so delicious. We will see you next year.”

“Thank you so much Monique; it was a huge hit. It was delicious and soooooo cute.”

“Not only was it satisfactory—it was perfect!! Honestly, three of the 10 guests said it was the best cake they had EVER had. The restaurant even mentioned to me that the staff was admiring my birthday cake while it was in their fridge. I am so thrilled with the experience, and if you ever need a reference please let me know. Thanks so much for making such a gorgeous cake!!!”

“Monique, you made one 13 yr old the happiest girl you could ever imagine. Thank you for making our family’s day such a happy one, especially Katie. I think along with her wedding cake some day, this will be a highlight cake in her life. ”

“The cake and cupcakes were a HUGE success. People went crazy about the cake – they were talking about it all day!”

“The cake was AWESOME! I literally carted it around to about 4 different venues on Sunday so various family and friends could see it before it was cut. Everyone loved it. Flavor was great as usual and really fresh.”

“I really appreciate your customer service and delivering the cake saved my day! I I will be sure to recommend your talents to all the DC Urban Moms!”

“Monique, the cake was a HIT! Everyone loved it…thought is was absolutely delicious!!!!! I REALLY could use a piece NOW!”

“Everyone loved the cake! The mother-to-be insisted on taking a picture before it was cut up. It was so adorable and delicious as well. Everyone was so impressed. It was a huge hit!”

“It was absolutely fantastic! He loved it even more than I thought he would. He kept going on and on about how he could not believe I got him his favorite cake — an ACTUAL peanut butter cake! It was a big hit! Thanks again for everything including delivering it!

“The cakes along with your customer service were great. I’ll definitely recommend you to friends and family.”

“I just wanted to say thank-you sooooo very much for the stunning cake. It was truly impressive and had all the guests awed over it. Thank you thank you thank you… I will definitely keep your information close at hand for the next delightful treat.”

“Your cake was such a big success. It looked great and tasted delicious. All the kids recognized the hungry caterpillar which was sitting at the center of the table. I could not believe the amount of cake consumed at this event. (mostly by us older people!) We will definitely call again in the future. Thank you!!”

“I was so happy with the Barney cake and my daughter just loved it. It was fresh and delicious. Thank you so much. I will put your name in my referral list for Vienna Moms club, Fairfax Moms club and at work — I know you will certainly get lots of referrals this way.”

“As a Southern belle, I’ve tasted many Red Velvet cakes but YOURS was the most moist and flavorful I’ve EVER tasted and the white chocolate cream cheese was the perfect unexpected touch! That cake was out of this world and a big hit with all. Thank you!”

“Monique, the cake was a delicious and beautiful creation and we very much appreciated your expertise and professionalism. We will see you next year.”

“The cake was wonderful, but I was so upset because I had no cake to take home!  People kept coming back for second and third helpings – so you will be hearing from me soon with another order!”