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My Favorite Decorating Tips

Baptism cake

I did an article on baking cakes and since I LOVE decorating I figured I’d list some of my decorating tips too!  Like baking there are some simple things that you can do that will give you a very “finished and professional” look to your cakes.  Here are 10 of my favorite decorating tips:

  1. Use a serrated edged knife to cut the “dome” off the tops of your cakes, thus giving you a flat top. Plus it gives you some cake to snack on or in my case bags of cake leftovers to make your family, friends and neighbors VERY happy!
  2. Don’t skimp on frosting.  I like frost the top and then work my way down the sides of the cake.  Be generous and your guests will love you!  (No Rachel; you still can’t have my buttercream icing recipe!)
  3. When you fill the icing bags don’t fill them to the top as it will all squeeze out the back.  I sometimes put a rubber band on the end to keep the frosting in the bag.
  4. A lazy Susan/turntable is great for rotating the cake. I got this one from Ikea and it’s great!
  5. My most used icing tips are the #18 (star) for borders, #4 (round) for writing and #1M (jumbo star) for easy cupcakes!
  6. When coloring icing, it’s best to start off with a little color and see how it develops.  The colors will get darker as they sit covered.  Red and black icing stains everything so use in small amounts!
  7. Fondant is fun.  Remember when you were a kid and played with Play-doh?  About the same thing but tastes MUCH better – trust me and don’t go tasting your kid’s Play-doh!  Knead it really well to make it easy to roll out.
  8. Mini cookie cutters make designing cupcakes easy as they are the perfect sized toppers.
  9. A pizza cutter is perfect for cutting fondant strips.  I also use a garlic press to make hair or grass for decorations.  Be creative to try different techniques.
  10. Once you’ve decorated your masterpiece keep it out of the sun!  The sun will bleach colors (trust me on this too as Barney ended up being pink after being left in a sunny window!)


These are just a few of my favorites, you can check YouTube and CakeCentral for wonderful ideas and tips too!

Sweetest Regards!


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